October 13, 2011 - Helsinki, Finland - The Orienteering World Championships in France in August 2011 used Traxmeet Live to track and show top athlete locations and performance as part of their worldwide TV broadcasting program. Tracker Security’s live tracking service for sport events is becoming the industry standard for showing the full competition for long distance and extreme sports. Rather than relying on cameras placed throughout the course, which can miss much of the action, Traxmeet Live shows participants’ real-time location on an easy to understand map. The map can be viewed online and streamed to live television.Traxmeet Live has been used around the world at events including the Tour de France, FIS World Cup (Nordic Skiing), Helsinki City Marathon, and many others.

Orienteering World Championships used Traxmeet live tracking to show top athletes on worldwide TV broadcasting. Tracker Security’s live tracking service for sport event has achieved large interest in the markets. It has been used in different formats in top bicycling races (including Tour de France), in FIS world cup (Nordic skiing), orienteering World Championships and many national championships as well as in many mass sport events where celebrities were tracked.

Click here to view the Traxmeet Live replay.

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