September 15, 2011 - Helsinki, Finland - Tracker Security has partnered with LHSL Global Oy to distribute Tracker Security sport solutions in the UK and Ireland. LHSL Global CEO, Toni Louhisola, is a well known and respected in the orienteering community. Mr. Loushisola will offer SportLocator, myLogger and Traxmeet service.Mr. Louhisola stated, “Tracker Security Sports Solutions are excellent fit-to-market for runners, cyclists and orienteers. Combining simple operation and detailed results give athletes powerful training and race information to improve future performances.”

Einari Kanerva, executive vice president of Tracker Security responded, “we are thrilled to have a partner of the caliber of Toni promoting our sporting solutions. To be able to offer athletes new and compelling technology is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved. Tracker is looking forward to continuing the past 24-months of growth we have experienced in the sporting field.”

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Media Contact: Robin Warner, rwarner(at)trackersecurity(dot)com

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