November 24, 2010 - Helsinki, Finland - Tracker Security has acquired Elisa Corp’s internet based virtual sports training service Traxmeet, FRWD and myLogger. Transfer of services will not affect in customer service level.

Traxmeet is a free Internet service for managing and sharing training information and utilizes GPS technology, Heart Rate Monitoring and Google Maps to present exercise information. Several sports computers and GPS loggers and GPX-data compatible devices are also supported.

FRWD is the most advanced sports computer in the world. FRWD measures, shows and records essential statistics, including heartrate, and reports the data to the Traxmeet site for review and analysis.

myLogger is a small, pocket sized GPS system that records the route, elevation change and speed of sports activities.

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“Traxmeet, FRWD and myLogger services and products fit perfectly in Tracker Security’s SportLocator service offering. We are excited to provide new and innovative solutions for tracking and reporting sports performance, while growing our service concepts,” said Einari Kanerva Executive Vice President of Tracker Security.

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Media Contact: Robin Warner | | 208 514 4729

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