July 8, 2010 - Tracker Security has partnered with ReadyLarm.com as the online portal for consumer direct information and sales of Tracker Security solutions: ReadyLarm, ReadyGPS and ReadyCamera.

ReadyCamera is the first of its type of wireless security camera offering a full security system experience with photo verification of all alarms.

ReadyLarm is a small security system with integrated alarm sensors that can operate off battery power for up to three months.

ReadyGPS is a durable GPS system that provides the location of the people in your care.

The entire Ready Family of devices from Tracker Security operate off the cellular GSM network, allowing the user to use the device in places where traditional alarm systems, that communicate over phone lines or wifi, have not worked. Each device can issue alarms directly to the system owner, or if wanted, can be sent to the guarding company responsible for securing the property. Alarms can be sent via SMS, email, webserver, and in the case of ReadyCam: MMS.

For more information on solutions please visit: www.trackersecurity.com and www.readylarm.com.


Media Contact: Robin Warner | rwarner@trackersecurity.com | 208 514 4729

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