May 28, 2010 - Helsinki, Finland - Tracker Security is pleased to announce our new partnership with Anvia to distribute SeniorLocator. SeniorLocator uses GPS, the cellular network and sophisticated mapping software to offer freedom and independence for the elderly, while providing caregivers with up-to-the-minute location information of the senior in their care.Unlike other senior alarm systems that anchor a person to a very small area, SeniorLocator maintains independence and activity for the elderly with the benefit of a panic button for emergency situations.

“We are excited to partner with Anvia and provide truly mobile alarm devices for seniors. By freeing older people of the confines to their home phone lines we hope that SeniorLocator will offer a longer, healthier life through increased freedom and activity,” said Einari Kanerva, Executive Vice President of Tracker Security. “Anvia is highly regarded in the market and we are thrilled to begin this new relationship.”

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Media Contact: Robin Warner | | 208 514 4729

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