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Tracker Radio Systems revolutionized the search for ELT, EPRIB, Mini/B and PLB transmitters the world over.  In 1992, Tracker created the first pocket-sized receiver employing patented antenna technology and the latest advances in micro-electronic design.  Tracker has greatly simplified receiver operation allowing search crews to focus on locating the transmitter rather than operating the receiver.

Whether participating in real operations or trying to locate ELTs that are inadvertently activated, Tracker receivers have gained the respect of emergency personnel and airport administrators.  The products are designed for ease of use based on their simplicity, reliability and technological capability.

Using the FTV 468 receiver, you can track emergency transmitters on the 121.5 and 243.0 MHz emergency frequencies plus a range of practice frequencies. The FTV 468CM is particularly useful for locating ELTs at shared military and civilian airports.



FTV 468C

121.5 MHz - Search
121.6 MHz - Practice



FTV 468C/2

121.5 MHz - Search
121.775 MHz - Practice

Civilian and CAP



121.5 & 243 MHz - Search
243.2 MHz - Practice



FTV 468CM/2

121.5 & 243 MHz - Search
243.550 MHz - Practice



I have found the Tracker FTV to be a compact, lightweight and an indestructible tool for locating ELTs and EPERBs. The small size makes it easy to use the receiver in small spaces such as on boats or in hangars, or to pack in on a ground team.  Joe Sirois

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